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One of our key team members is a seed company that has remained strong and continues to grow and compete well alongside the large multi-national seed companies. The owners and management of Kitchen Seed Company (www.kitchenseed.com) provide superior service and exceptionally high quality seeds not only to local farmers in the U.S. but also to our international customers as well. Perhaps one of the most valuable attributes of KSC is they have access to over 90% of the remaining non-GMO corn hybrid genetics that are available in the world. KSC has been very successful registering some of their unique corn hybrids internationally. Many of their key personnel have worked within some of the large well-known multi-national seed companies in the past for several years. This experience has helped enable KSC to develop their own brand of proprietary hybrids through state-of-the-art genetics, breeding and production techniques. This has also made possible KSC to market very competitive seeds and grains that out-yield and out-perform similar hybrids offered by the large multi-national seed companies.

Prior to the first seed being sold to an overseas customer there is extensive research and studying about the soils, growing conditions including rainfall, sunlight, temperatures, degree days, diseases, infestations, and other potential site specific issues. When seed is sold to our overseas customers our work is not over by any means. Similar to the type of service that is expected and received by U.S. farmers, KSC seed specialists schedule routine visits to our overseas customers to inspect the fields after the crops have emerged to check for proper germination. Throughout the growing season additional field inspections are performed to check for potential diseases, infestations and weed control. If concerns are noted, our seed specialists provide recommendations to our customer's key personnel who are responsible and work together with them to arrive at optimal solutions.

The seed hybrids that our team markets have been through a series of hundreds of comparative field tests both in the U.S. and in our overseas fields to ensure the seeds that we offer are of the highest quality. Because of our proven results our international seed and grain sales have continued to grow steadily as our customers experience first-hand the added value of our products.

  • Identify and source high-quality seeds with specifically developed traits conducive for the overseas soils and environmental conditions of our customers
  • Access to over 90% of the remaining non-GMO corn hybrid genetics available in the world
  • High quality GMO and non-GMO seeds and grains
  • Seed traits and characteristics that out-yield and out-perform multinational seed company hybrids (comparable field data is available)
  • Very competitive prices with large multi-national seed companies
  • Grain sorghum, wheat, soybeans and other seeds
  • Forage seeds available (www.farmsciencegenetics.com)
  • Registered and Certified varieties
  • Food grade corn and soybean hybrids available
  • Value-enhanced seed products