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machinery & equipment

Over the past few years the Internet has allowed interested customers world-wide to log onto Websites to locate various kinds of new and used farm machinery and construction equipment. These Websites provide a basic picture and a few specification details about the particular piece of machinery or equipment. The Ag Unlimited, LLC team has many years of experience of sourcing agricultural machinery, construction and grain handling equipment for our overseas customers at a very competitive price. Most of our team members grew up on a farm and have had many years of hands-on experience with farm machinery and various farming methods.

We believe our team provides significant added value to a machinery or equipment transaction for our overseas customers. Our team will thoroughly inspect each piece of equipment and give recommendations to our buyers as to the condition of the wear parts and the overall piece of equipment prior to loading into a container. We also provide spare parts and replacement parts for all the machinery and equipment we sell and ship. We put our reputation behind our word. We provide pictures of not only the "good side" of the equipment but also the "other sides" too. When we source the machinery and equipment we guarantee it will be in "field ready" condition.

Perhaps what most differentiates the Ag Unlimited, LLC team from other service providers is our creative ability to disassemble and load more machinery and equipment into containers than other service providers. (www.mms-export.com) Also, our team has disassembled and containerized late model combines, large four-wheel drive tractors, high-boy sprayers, large capacity grain carts, semi-trucks and 30 metric ton hopper-bottom grain trailers. On one recently shipped John Deere 9500 combine alone, we saved our customer over $16,000 on disassembly and shipment to South America versus Roll-On Roll-Off. Upon request, we can reassemble the equipment we ship at destination.

In order to assist our customers' mechanics and operational personnel we can provide Parts and Operators Manuals including videos showing how to reassemble and properly operate machinery and equipment.

  • Source, disassemble and containerize new and used farm machinery and construction equipment
  • Provide spare parts and replacement parts
  • Thoroughly inspect machinery and equipment prior to shipment
  • Guarantee sourced machinery will be "field ready" when received
  • Maximization of container space with machinery and equipment
  • Creative ability to disassemble and containerize large machinery and equipment
  • Assist with reassembly, proper operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment