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grain storage, handling, drying, processing, market risk mgt

The Ag Unlimited, LLC team has very extensive experience and knowledge with all aspects of grain systems and market risk management. No matter what our customer's strategic plan might entail for their overall grain system our team can assist with an efficient system and a market risk program that is most appropriate to meet our customer's needs.

Ag Unlimited has secured four grain system manufacturers as part of its consortium compliment. This allows Ag Unlimited to offer dealer pricing privileges to our customers. If our customers want to develop a permanent grain system for long term storage there are a wide variety of options available to meet their specific needs including a fully integrated system with grain storage, grain handling and conveying equipment and grain drying systems. Ag Unlimited has dealership pricing privileges via its consortium members for manufacturers of products for Sukup Manufacturing Co. (www.sukup.com), Brock Grain Systems (www.ctbinc.com) and Sudenga Industries, Inc. (www.sudenga.com).

Basic temporary storage systems can be developed where our customer requires short- term storage for the crops due to lack of commercial grain storage or as a marketing strategy to hedge against low market demand. These systems include a variety of mobile handling equipment.

If our customer's strategy includes fully or partially processing the crops grown our team can assist with the development of the appropriate system. We have systems that can successfully process a wide variety of oilseeds, including cottonseed, canola/rapeseed, sunflower and palm kernel. We have a full line of extruders, oil presses, containerized feed plants, and oil refining equipment ‿all of which is used to produce high-quality livestock feeds, pet and aquatic feeds, by-products, specialty ingredients, human food, and textured soy protein.

Even with the most sophisticated and integrated grain systems and processing equipment, market risk management remains as a critical factor to be considered. Our team provides consulting for risk management programs to protect our customer's crop inputs, the growing crops, crop sales, and processed grains and oilseeds. These programs can range from a very basic risk management to a sophisticated program. Market risk management can enhance our customer's profitability immeasurably.

  • Source and develop temporary and/or permanent grain handling, grain storage and grain drying systems
  • Source and develop grain processing systems for crops grown
  • Consult for market risk management programs