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financial assistance

Our team can provide assistance with various U.S. finance programs designed for international transactions at very competitive rates. Some of the more popular finance programs offered are with the Export-Import Bank, Small Business Administration, and GSM 102 Credit Guarantee Programs through Commodity Credit Corporation. With increasing credit limitations and higher interest rates being assessed by overseas banks and lenders the finance and credit programs available from U.S. government agencies have become a very attractive alternative source of financing. Creditworthy buyers have an excellent opportunity to benefit from these finance programs. Ag Unlimited, LLC is approved as an eligible exporter under the GSM 102 program.

  • Assistance with various U.S. finance programs for international transactions
  • Ag Unlimited, LLC is a registered Notary Public in the State of Illinois
  • Ag Unlimited, LLC is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Ag Unlimited, LLC is a member of the Illinois Better Business Bureau

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